The information provided by the users should be accurate

The users should ensure that the details which they have provided to us should be able to describe them personally. The user’s data will not be shared with the third-parties on our websites. You should provide the updated information about your contact details so that it will help during the time of making the payment. Our website is not responsible for the content which you publish on the services. The content from the user profiles can be used by our website as per rights to use. You can also communicate with a large selection of members who are available on the hippie dating site. The content which you post on the other sites on the network will be visible to the other users.

Specification of rules:

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The accuracy of information provided by the members will not be verified on our website. The content of the profiles will not be investigated in compliance with the laws and rules which are specified on our website. The users will have all rights to reject, modify and delete the content on their pages. The services on our website can be used mainly for the purpose of entertainment only. The users should provide the required information on our hippie dates if they are interested to access our services. The customers who are not a part of our service are forbidden to avoid the use of services. You can send the messages to the other users as a part of the personal information.

Respond to the messages:

You must ensure that you will not misuse the services on our websites when you are interested to use our services. The contractual relationship of the users can be terminated if they will comply with any one of the obligations. You should feel free to open and respond to the messages which you receive an appropriate and regular intervals. The incoming messages are stored in the mailbox of the users and the website has all rights to review and delete the messages. If you did not use our free service for about six months then we have all rights to delete your profile.